Coach – 72 hours, 37 pumpkins

I was delighted with the opportunity to make an array of bespoke menus for the people at Coach. The menu was for a luxurious thanksgiving dinner orchestrated by the amazing Fiona Leahy.

After going through some initial ideas, I got the go ahead for pumpkins. Then, I had 72 hours to make 37 unique menus. Looking back, I’m not sure how I managed it. Each menu took about 2 hours to complete. The perfectionist in me was itching throughout, time dictated me to overlook my urges for meticulousness in favour of productivity. I was pleased I made it through the deadline gauntlet and the final products didn’t suffer.


The above gallery shows a selection of the designs. A pumpkin crest of sorts at the top and a footnote of fronds at the bottom. After I finished with them, they were whisked off to London and had the menu written on. Then I caught up on some sleep.

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