Pressed fern, Cut moth

This isn’t actually a cut moth, as far as I’m aware, no moth in existence goes by that name. If it does, I hope it’s on its way to the hospital and soon be called ‘moth with plaster’.

The reason I call it the cut moth is simple. I ended up cutting out a section in the wings for the prints. Why? Couldn’t tell you.


Stage one – the main design is outlined


moth in the making #fern #moth #wip #leafart #insect #art

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Phase 2 –   This is actually more like the final version than the next picture.

almost finished this little ghost moth  A photo posted by helen (@helenahpornsiri) on

Pre-final stage – What the wing looked like, pre-cut.

close up of my Fern Ghost Moth, prints possibly on my esty store soon! #fern #ghostmoth #moth #leaves #nature #etsy #insect #wing

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This was made as part of a private commission.
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